When fishing

  • Day tickets are payable on the bank at each pond. 
  • Fishermen must stay on first chosen pool and cannot move to another pool or peg on the same day.  If this is disobeyed they will be banned from the fishery 
  • No fish to be handled no more than 2 feet from the ground at any time
  • All fish must be lifted from water with a landing net – one landing net per peg
  • All fish MUST be returned to the water.  If this is not adhered to PROSECUTION will take place without exception
  • MATS must be used for large fish or fish placed on soft ground
  • A maximum of two rods per person
  • Restriction of one rod only if accompanied by any non fishing person
  • Disabled persons take priority on pegs
  • Fishing only from pegs
  • Because of disturbance to other anglers children under the age of 12 are only allowed on this fishery if paying to fish as near as possible to a paying parent or guardian.
  • REMINDER – You need a rod licence to fish – you may be asked to produce it
  • Restriction of one rod only if accompanied by any non fishing person
  • Exemptions from any rule have to be obtained in writing from the owner
  • No matches take place on this fishery

Fishery bailiff

The bailiff has the right at any time to search any bags or equipment if need be without explanation and can order any person off the fishery without explanation at any time.  There will be no refunds given (Revised rules June 2021).  

Bailiff means owner or such person put in charge of pools for the day. 

Note anglers have been banned from the fishery – for throwing down litter, for ignoring the radio ban, for using barbed hooks and unspecified baits and for ignoring signs.


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